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Hello, and a warm welcome to my website.  All are welcome here as it is my desire to provide comfortable, …

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Client Testimonials

A selection of my testimonials over the years. Please click on the arrows or the pictures to view them all.

  • Rebecca, Oldbury

    “Hilary is a wonderful woman and I 100% recommend her. I have been seeing Hilary for reflexology since Dec 16. My partner and I have been undergoing IVF treatment to expand our family. Thanks to Hilary we have had a successful cycle and I am now 15 weeks pregnant with twins! She has also given me reflexology to help with the headaches I have had during the first trimester. I will continue to see Hilary through my pregnancy and beyond.”

  • Beverley, Harborne

    “Hilary seems to ‘hit the spot’ for me. Her aromatherapy massages leave me feeling sooo relaxed. I enjoy my massages and I can honestly say I have never has a massage that leaves me feeling as good as Hilary’s. The reflexology is just as good as the massage! Can’t recommend either of her treatments enough.”

  • Hannah, Birmingham

    “Hilary has been huge help to me with my fertility. Since suffering with endometriosis for four years I wanted to try some holistic therapy to help with managing my symptoms. Hilary is extremely welcoming and helpful and I felt better from my first reflexology session. I would recommend Hilary to anyone looking to try this therapy. For me it worked wonders, with the arrival of my first baby this year.”

  • Caroline, Harborne

    “I have been seeing Hilary for about 18 months to improve my personal wellbeing using natural techniques. I have found that the basic 1 hour reflexology sessions have been the most beneficial for me in taking away stress and anxiety of the modern world to feel an inner calm and balance.” 

  • Tina, Harborne

    “I’d always been aware of the benefits of aromatherapy but never tried it out until some years ago I was given a Mother’s Day gift of a voucher for a back massage – no excuse not to try. The slight anxiety and all the questions such as, what will it be like, will it be embarrassing, what is expected, all vanished with the warm, relaxed and friendly welcome that is Renaissance. Thoughts afterwards as I floated home – Why haven’t I been before? – No aches or stiffness, feeling three inches taller and I can move my shoulders, who cares what’s for tea!

    A visit to Hilary at Renaissance is now very much part of my routine for keeping fit and healthy; since going for regular sessions I’ve noticed the difference, with reduced aches and stiffness  as well as increased mobility, especially in my shoulders. I’m much more aware of my posture and notice how restricted I become when my back and shoulders become stiff, because I’ve missed a session.” 

  • Kate, Smethwick

    “Gentle, effective treatments given by a friendly and professional therapist. Hilary’s Bowen treatment meant that my irritating, debilitating hayfever just never materialised this year… If only I’d known about her ten years ago! I thoroughly recommend Hilary’s treatments and will definitely be coming back for more.”

  • Erica, Harborne

    “I’ve visited Hilary for treatments over a number of years particularly during my pregnancy. She’s friendly and welcoming, quickly putting you at your ease. Her knowledge of treatments and expertise in providing them is very high. Very much recommended.”

  • Rachel, Edgbaston

    “I have been visiting Hilary at Renaissance for 5 years. She has a lovely warm and friendly nature, and I immediately felt at ease with her. So much so, after a few visits when I found out I was pregnant, I was happy to continue visiting her for reflexology and aromatherapy massage treatments.

    I’m now a full time Mother to 2 boys and it is even more important that I continue to visit her, so I can have a bit of me time.  Her treatments aren’t just beneficial, I find them essential.

    Whether you visit in for an Indian head massage or decide to go for the full body aromatherapy hot stones massage, you will not be disappointed and you will leave feeling relaxed, pampered and ready to face the challenges of the day.” 

  • Lisa, Birmingham

    “I’ve seen Hilary for many years for massage, reflexology etc but recently I have being suffering with acute sinusitis. Hilary recommended Hopi Ear Candles and Bowen, yesterday I had both whilst in an acute phase.  I walked in in such pain and left feeling relief, today I feel better still.  I will be booking in for a full Bowen treatment soon. Thanks Hilary.

  • Richard, Birmingham

    “I’ve suffered with knee problems for a while (probably most of my adult life actually) and recently this got worse. I thought I’d let Hilary work her Bowen magic on me, to see what it was all about and to see if it would help. The session itself was really relaxing and I found myself drifting off a few times.

    After the session I didn’t really think about it until a little over a week later when realised that I had been completely pain free since. The only thing that I had done differently over this time was having the Bowen treatment and so this can be the only explanation for my improvement.

    I would genuinely recommend Hilary and Bowen and I will definitely be returning should the need arise.”

  • Maggy Whitehouse, Birmingham

    “My sessions of Bowen with Hilary were so relaxed and comforting that I could have stayed there all day. They first alleviated and then healed a long-standing problem caused by falling from a horse. The only problem with being better is that I now have to find excuses to go back for more.”

  • Sue, Harborne

    “I have enjoyed many different therapies from Hilary over the last 10 years and she has become a close personal friend. Hilary is a very kind and caring person. She is extremely knowledgable about the therapies she offers and will always give guidance on which treatment is most beneficial. I have already referred friends and family to Hilary and would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone considering one of the many treatments she offers.”

  • Michelle, Birmingham

    “I saw Hilary throughout my pregnancy for regular reflexology treatments. As well as feeling wonderfully relaxing, the treatments helped me to manage my pregnancy symptoms. I would highly recommend for all mums-to-be.”

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