FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening hours?

  • Monday:  11am – 8pm,
  • Tuesday: 11am – 7pm,
  • Wednesday:  11am – 7pm,
  • Thursday:  10am – 7pm,
  • Saturday:  9am –5pm

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Where are you situated?

I work from the Renaissance Natural Therapy Centre just off the High Street in Harborne. If you turn into Station Rd it is located on the corner of Station Rd and Clarence Rd in a small Courtyard called Clarence Mews (there’s a sign on the corner to help you find Renaissance.) Clarence Rd is a one-way street, accessed by either North Rd or St John’s Rd. The centre has a blue/green front door and is at the back of the courtyard, parallel with Clarence Road. (Back to top)

What about parking?

Harborne – there is no parking for clients right within the Mews. Please do not park in other spot at Clarence Mews as these are reserved for residents and we don’t want to upset our neighbours! There is one-hour parking on the High Street end of Station Road and unrestricted parking elsewhere on Station Road and other adjacent roads including Clarence Road, Gordon Road and Regent Road. There are also two public car parks in St Johns Road – just a few minutes walk away. If you park in St Johns Road car parks walk away from the High Street and turn left into Clarence Road – carry on up to the end of the road where you will see Clarence Mews on your left. (Back to top)

What buses can I use to get there?

Renaissance Natural Therapy Centre, is well served by buses to and from Harborne. They are the Numbers 004, 22, 22S, 23, 23A, 24, 29, 29A, 48, 99 and 647.  If you ask for the “opposite York Street” and then walk down Station Road, the centre is on the right hand side in Clarence Mews. (Back to top)

Is there disabled access to either Premises?

Unfortunately not, there are a couple of steps, but if you can manage them, the treatment rooms and toilet are on the ground floor. (Back to top)

How do I book an appointment?

Please ring or text me on 07799 591086.  If I am unable to answer, please leave a message and I will ring you back.  (If you wish to contact me out of business hours, a text would be prefable please.) Alternatively, please email me on [email protected] (Back to top)

I am worried that you may try to stop me taking medication prescribed by my doctor?

Please note that my therapies are not a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. At no time will you be encouraged to stop treatment or to reduce or change your prescription drugs without talking to your GP or Consultant.  If I suspect that changes or reductions to your medication may help I will refer you to your doctor for advice. (Back to top)

Are your claims genuine?

Please note that every attempt has been made not to make any claims that are misleading, false, unfair or exaggerated in respect of the efficacy of the treatments offered.  I just wish to give a flavour of the therapies available and if any mistakes have been made, they are not intentional. Please contact me immediately if you think any part of my website is unacceptable.  Thank you. (Back to top)

I am worried about having to undress in front of you?

Please don’t worry about having to partially undress in front of me.  I will leave the room whilst you undress, and you will be provided with towels to cover yourself once you are on the couch.  I will knock the door before returning and I will not ask you to remove any item of clothing that you are not happy to remove. Your modesty will be maintained at all times. (Back to top)

I want to book a massage but I am embarrassed about my body/figure?

The majority of people are embarrassed about having to partially undress in front of anyone.  Please note that I am sympathetic and non-judgemental.  I see many different people during my working life and know that like me, most people have the same insecurities and worries. I have my own weight issues and understand 100% what it feels like be ‘judged’ by others and I am therefore extremely sympathetic. (Back to top)

I am worried about giving personal details to a stranger?

Before a treatment I will have to ask a number of questions to determine whether or not it is suitable for you to receive the therapy, I will also need to know about any symptoms that you may have to enable me to plan your treatment.  All this information is entirely confidential. (Back to top)

How many treatments will I need?

This is almost impossible to answer! It depends on the treatment you are receiving, the severity of what is being treated, your own individual requirements, the time you have available, your budget and so on. Some of my clients will come to have something “fixed” such as a bad back and would need a number of sessions within a quick time frame to achieve this. Others will see complementary health care as a preventative measure to help prevent things from going wrong and may opt for a monthly treatment. Often the best course of action is regular treatments initially over the first few weeks to “fix” followed by less frequent maintenance treatments over the long term to maintain optimum health. (Back to top)

How can I pay?

I will accept cash and cheque and payment can also be made by credit/debit cards and PayPal (follow this link PayPal.Me/HilaryLeach). (Back to top)

Is there a cancellation fee?

Please give me 48 hours notice of cancellation, or if any changes in the date or time of your appointment are required.  Please note – without 48 hours notice of cancellation I reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee (Back to top)