What are Bach Flower Remedies?

A wooden oox full of remedy bottles
Bach Flower RemediesKey Words
AgrimonyHides problems behind a cheerful face
AspenFears and worries of unknown origin
BeechIntolerance/critical/irritated by the way others do things
CentauryWeak-willed/can't easily say not to others
CeratoSelf doubt/seeks advice and confirmation from others
Cherry PlumFear of losing control & doing something irrational
Chestnut BudFailure to learn from past mistakes & repeating them
ClematisDaydreaming (of the future)/lack of interest in the present
Crab ApplePoor self-image/self hatred/sense of uncleanliness/obsessive
ElmOverwhelmed by responsibility/Temporary crisis of confidence
GentianDiscouragement/despondency following a setback
GorseHopelessness/despair/pessimism/when we give up
HeatherSelf-centredness/self-concern/feeling a need to talk about our lives
HoneysuckleLives in the past/regretful/nostalgia/homesick
HornbeamMonday morning feeling/tiredness at the thought of doing
ImpatiensImpatience with people or things that move too slowly
LarchLack of confidence in our ability to do things well
MimulusFear of known things/shyness
MustardDeep gloom for no reason
OakDespondent and exhausted, but struggles on dutifully
OliveComplete exhaustion of the body & mind following effort
PineSelf-reproach/guilt/self recrimination
Red ChestnutAnxiety about the welfare of others
Rock RoseTerror/panic/fright
Rock WaterInflexible/self-denial/self-repression/perfectionist
ScleranthusUncertainty/internalised indecision
Star of BethlehemShock/sense of loss of grief/trauma/bereavement
Sweet ChestnutExtreme mental anguish/despair
VervainOverenthusiasm/high ideals/fanatical/opinionated
VineAssertive/inflexible/demands obedience/controlling
WalnutProtection from change & outside influences
Water VioletProud/aloof/love of solitued leaves us isolated
White ChestnutUnwanted/obsessive thoughts/reperitive mental arguments
Wild OatUncertainty regarding the correct path in life/restlessness
Wild RoseResignation/apathy/drifting
WillowSelf-pity/resent others' success/bitterness