Gentle Touch Reflexology™

Every year people try reflexology for the first time, however what is not generally known, is that there are a number of different ways of doing reflexology. These range from the use of implements with a hard pressure (which I don’t do), to the standard reflexology and then to a very light massage.

Gentle Touch™ Reflexology  is another specific method of treatment that is I can offer.  When you have this treatment, I tailor the treatment to your lifestyle/conditions and then give you a treatment that feels like a relaxing foot massage.  The treatment is different from some other forms of reflexology as there is an underlying philosophy behind it and the lightest of touch is applied to both feet, (at the same time, rather than one foot and then the other).

This treatment would be wonderful combined a Luxury Reflexology Treatment which includes a foot spa treatment, buff and a softening treatment with pampering Tropic Products.


60 minute appointment £40.00
30 minute appointment £25.00

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Please note – without 48 hours notice of cancellation I reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee

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