What is Hot Stone Massage?

What is hot stone massage?

What is hot stone massage? A wonderfully warming and relaxing experience, what could be nicer than the feel of smooth hot stones massaging away the cold, stress, tension, tiredness, aches and pains?

Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage is a truly relaxing treatment using hot stones of varying sizes on parts of the body – from the forehead to between the toes – giving a deep massage and creating a sensation of warmth and comfort.

The heat from the stones feels great and is also wholly therapeutic – helping detox the body and relaxing the nervous system. The stones used are smooth, volcanic basalt that retain their heat on the body for as long as possible.

Smooth cool crystals can then used after the heat of the hot stones to stimulate the body leaving you feeling completely refreshed and invigorated.

What happens during a treatment?

Before your treatment I will carry out a full and confidential consultation and assessment of your needs. As an experienced Aromatherapist I will also make up a blend of oils especially for you according to your likes and requirements for use with the hot stones.

I will apply oil over the body and initially use my hands to transfer the heat from the stones and start the massage. Then I will use the stones themselves to provide a deep and comforting massage. I may also place them along the spine and various other parts of the body during the course of the massage.

I can also use cool crystals, mainly on the back and legs – to refresh the body after the heat. These stones are actually at room temperature; they just feel cool in contrast to the hot stones.

What are the benefits of Hot and Cold Stone Massage?

The heat from the stones is transferred to the body by conduction and it may reach up to 3cm into the muscle  and the benefits include: –

  • Deep relaxation, the warmth relaxes both physically and mentally
  • A reduction in stress, relieving mental and physical fatigue
  • An improvement in circulation, increasing blood supply to the muscles, improving function
  • A quicker elimination of toxins and waste
  • The warmth can relieve pain in muscles and joints and a decrease in tension in connective tissues
  • The deep comfort of receiving warmth on the body.

The benefits of cold/cool stone massage: –

  • Refreshing and stimulating the mind
  • Helping to relieve tissue congestion (such as the sinuses)
  • Soothing irritation
  • Cooling down the body on a warm day or during hot flushes.

Alternating the hot and cool stones helps every cell in the body to receive more oxygen and nutrients and encourages a more effective removal of toxins.

Using my hands in conjunction with the stones also helps produce a more intensive experience.

Hot stone massage enables the client to receive the combined energies from the stones, oils, crystals and Reiki in addition to the benefits already listed.

Does it hurt? Are there any side effects?

I handle the stones myself before putting them on your body so I will check they are at the right temperature. If they do feel too hot at any time, then I can reduce the temperature.

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