What is Reflexology?

What is reflexology

What is Reflexology?  Your first appointment involves a consultation so you can let me know your medical history.  This is carried out in complete privacy, where all personal details remain completely confidential. After that I will comfortably seat you in a reclining chair.  I will examine your feet and then begin the precise massage movements to all areas using the side of the thumbs and fingers to apply a firm pressure.

Will it feel painful, or tickle?

No, reflexology is a particularly pleasant form of treatment. Areas on the feet corresponding to parts of the body that are out of balance may feel tender but sensitivity varies from person to person and I will understand the correct pressure to apply, responding to your needs. The treatment should not be uncomfortable even to the most sensitive of feet. Indeed, even people who might say “I could not bear anyone to touch my feet” will usually feel wonderfully relaxed and energised after treatment.

How long does a treatment take?

The full treatment will last for approximately three quarters of an hour after the initial consultation. The number of treatments required will vary depending on your needs and expectations and I will fully discuss any proposed course with you.

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