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Reiki Mama® was created by Reiki Master Teacher Victoria Weatherer to provide treatments and training across the UK in Traditional Usui Reiki with the option of incorporating the Reiki Mama® Method.  Victoria created and developed the Reiki Mama® method based on her experience over a number of years of practicing traditional Reiki on increasing numbers of pregnant women.  The Reiki Mama® method consists of specialised techniques that are incorporated with traditional Usui Reiki Healing to treat both the mother and her unborn baby.

It is a wonderful, safe, relaxing treatment for the mums (and babies) to receive, and many have reported benefits such improving bonding between mum and baby, helping to alleviate stress, relaxation for mum and baby and even enabling a more relaxing birthing experience.

The word Rei means universal and Ki is the vital force that flows through all living things. Thus Reiki can be defined as the universal life force.  Applying Reiki to the body is a gentle but powerful way to support and enhance the life force energy in any living thing and is a useful aid to healing both physical and emotional problems.

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