Reflexology (Standard)

Becoming more and more relevant for today’s increasingly stressful lifestyle the complementary therapy of reflexology is worth investigating. It is based on skills known to have been practised for several thousand years by the Chinese and the ancient Egyptians, and involves massage to special reflex areas in the feet (and less commonly today in the hands). Here there are reflex areas laid out in such a manner to form a “map” of every organ and body system. By massaging these areas it is believed possible to offer a means of treating the whole body and of treating the body as a whole. This latter point is an important factor of a natural therapy and allows not only symptoms to be treated but also the causes of symptoms.

Reflexology does not claim to be a ‘cure-all’ but many people have found they have been helped by reflexology. Many clients find that the soothing, calming and relaxing nature of the therapy assists their emotional wellbeing, especially during times of illness, pain and stress. Furthermore, as a result of this reduction in tension, reflexology may help aid sleep. Reflexology can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from the young to the elderly.

Reflexology can be combined with other treatments such as Aromatherapy Massage, Reiki Healing or Hot Stone Massage. Click here for further information on Reflexology.


60 minute appointment £40.00
90 minute appointment £50.00

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